quickly determine sums in a variety of professional, educational, and personal settings using basic calculators. Calculators with large buttons are perfect for children who've yet to develop hand-eye coordination skills, and large displays make it simple to share your total with others.

Easy Readability
Select basic calculators with large displays so you can show customers their totals when you're making on-the-go sales or aiding older adults who can't necessarily see as well as they once did. Tilting displays help reduce glare when you're using the calculator outdoors or are viewing it from above. Calculators that use printer tape also allow you to create a high-visibility receipt, so you can keep track of transactions for your records or provide customers with an easily readable receipt.

Simple Functionality
Ensure you have an easy-to-use way to figure out numerical details using basic calculators. These calculators eschew all but the most necessary calculation options, making it simple to divide, multiply, add, and subtract without all the advanced functions of scientific calculators. This makes basic calculators the perfect tool for figuring square footage on the job site or learning basic math in the classroom.

Multiple Style Options
Choose basic calculators designed for desktop use in your office to aid your accounting process. Select models that add basic financial calculations to standard functionality for an even broader range of use when dealing with money. Select basic calculators small enough to fit into your pocket, so you can make on-the-go calculations out in the field. Many calculators operate via included AC adapters, and you can also choose from options that require batteries or a more environmentally friendly model that charges in the sun.

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