Camera Glasses

Whether you're on a bike or at the office, camera glasses allow you to capture high-quality video without a bulky camera. Their built-in imagers capture a unique first-person perspective, making the glasses ideal for instructional videos. Just slip on the lightweight frames and start shooting.

Comfortable Fit
Each of these camera glasses are designed with contoured frames that fit to the natural curves of your head. The indented nose pads rest on the bridge of your nose to create a stable shooting surface and minimize video vibration. The temple pieces keep the glasses in place without exerting undue pressure on the side of your head.

High-Quality Imaging
These camera classes are equipped with advanced image sensors, which allow you to capture crisp still images. For high-resolution still photos, choose a pair with an 8MP sensor to render color and detail in stunning clarity. Many of these glasses shoot in brilliant HD video in resolutions up to 1080p, making them ideal for Web and general broadcasting.

Broad Usage
Each of these camera glasses features a hands-free design, so you can shoot video without carrying around a bulky camera. Just slide them on and push the record button — they will automatically record the scene in front of you. Many models come with auto scene adjustment to eliminate the need for adjustments on the go.

These camera glasses are designed to resemble traditional sports sunglasses, so you won't stand out in a crowd. Whether you're skydiving or shooting a plant tour, the stylish glasses blend in. When you're done shooting, use a touch screen laptop for fast video editing.

Action Cameras

Choose from a selection of action cameras when you want to capture your adventures from a moving perspective. Quality manufacturers such as Midland and Garmin offer cameras with specialty features that give aspiring filmmakers more flexibility. Shoot exciting action footage with the right camera.

High-Resolution Captures
Capture high-definition video footage at up to 1080p resolution with a device from the action cameras category, and enjoy playback in startling clarity. These cameras also capture still images at up to 16 megapixels, giving you the flexibility to choose your shots with high-quality parameters that ensure more options when editing and printing.   

Expandable Storage   
Action cameras support flash memory cards with storage capacities as high as 64 GB, so you'll always have enough space to capture your exciting adventures. Small and lightweight, these memory cards make it easy for you to carry around enough storage to record hours of footage without worrying about running out or having to overwrite past footage. Many camera models come with an LCD screen that lets you edit footage on the camera, so you can make the most of the storage space you have with you. 

Multiple Mounts
Pick from a selection of action cameras that have features designed to capture footage under specific circumstances. Some models come with a flat-surface mount that makes it easy for you to attach the camera to any moving, horizontal surface, while other models come with multiple mounts designed to attach the camera in a specific place, such as the handlebars on a bike. Choose a wearable camera for hands-free video capture from your own point of view.

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