New Multi-Purpose File Folders

Standard manila folders keep documents up to 1-inch thick protected from creases and other damage. These folders work well in hanging and standard systems, and have a lightweight design that is suitable for simple storage. Consider heavyweight or reinforced folders for frequently accessed documents. Options with tabs along the tops or sides let users add labels that increase organization and reduce the need to search through multiple folders. Expansion folders hold training materials and other document sets up to 5 inches thick, and have reinforced sides and seams for added protection against rips and tears. 

Understanding the Different Types of File Folders
File folders made from poly materials provide antimicrobial features that inhibit mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Use these options for files that are frequently accessed by multiple workers to minimize the spread of germs and illness. Presentation folders feature acid-free materials that protect documents from fading and smudging during long-term storage, and reduce the chances of print and images sticking to the material. Pressboard materials provide strong, durable covers that resist rips and tears for added protection in heavy-use environments. Consider products with built-in fasteners that keep pages secure when they are transported from one location to another.

What Are the Benefits of Colored File Folders?
Hanging file folders are available in numerous colors that make it simple to color code different types of documents and client information. Filing systems based on color let employees find information quickly and help protect against misfiled or lost paperwork. Provide different colors for each worker to maximize productivity and keep track of the projects that different teams are working on.

Are There File Folders That Provide Increased Protection?
Heavy-gauge folders with thicker covers protect paperwork from rips and tears when you're carrying files in a briefcase or bag. Pressboard options have a waterproof coating that lets users wipe away drips and spills before they damage important documents. Products with locking fasteners keep pages secure and reduce the risk of lost or dropped papers.

What Fastener Options Are Available on File Folders?
There are file folders with bendable prongs at the top or side that keep multiple pages together. Options that combine prongs with plastic runners secure documents at the side or top and reduce the risk of torn holes and loss. Expansion folders feature openings that let users store loose pages that don't have holes while protecting against dropping when carried upright.

Are File Folder Tabs Necessary?
Folders with tabs make it simple to store contracts, spreadsheets, memos and other documents in the same location while reducing the risks of misfiling. Users can write information directly on the tabs, or use printed labels for a clean, professional look. Side tabs work well in desktop organizers, and top-tab options make it simple to see the contents of folders in filing cabinets.

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