Headsets and microphones make it easy to communicate with customers and vendors. These tools allow for clear communications and offer hands-free interaction with investors or coworkers in distant offices. The right headset can enhance comfort for call center workers.

Simplified Video Conferencing
Headsets and microphones allow you to easily participate in video conferencing with investors and executives. The use of a headset with an integrated microphone makes it easy to review and relay information to other participants. The all-in-one design works equally well for podcasts and other online communications.

Clear Telephone Calls
Advanced microphone technology delivers crystal-clear audio when used with modern office telephones and voice servers. Headsets and microphones make it easy to understand and be understood when you make calls. Powerful headsets are a key component of inbound call centers and areas that handle customer service interactions over the phone.

Inline Settings
Many modern headsets feature inline settings that simplify the process of increasing and lowering volumes for both incoming sounds and outbound speech. More advanced versions also include inline controls for other equalization settings, making them excellent tools for audio engineering and sound studios. The ability to quickly and easily adjust the settings of your headset can help save you time.

Hands-Free Calling
Headsets with built-in microphones allow for hands-free calling, letting you keep your hands available to continue working on important business papers or performing data entry tasks throughout the duration of a call. Keeping your hands free also allows you to easily manipulate business presentations during teleconferences, swapping between slides or launching videos as you speak. Many modern systems offer wireless connections for greater freedom or wired versions for added security.

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