Keurig K-Cups 

Using a Keurig machine with a K-Cup ensures a consistent cup of coffee or tea every time. Each pod contains a premeasured portion of coffee, tea or beverage mix and is entirely self-contained; there are no filters to change. Just pop the pod into the machine, add water and press start. Your drink will be ready in under a minute.

Keurig K-Cups Come In A Variety Flavor Options
Beverage pods offer an incredible variety of regular and flavored coffees sure to match anyone's tastes. Most coffee producers offer several blends of regular coffees. Bright and clean light roasts are ideal for that first cup in the morning. Enjoy a full-bodied medium roast with a meal or as an afternoon treat, and serve a rich and smooth dark roast coffee with a dessert to impress guests.

For a more varied coffee experience, consider flavored coffees. Traditional styles such as French vanilla and hazelnut add a hint of sweetness that offers a nice complement to coffee's natural bite, and new varieties that feature fruit, spice or nut flavors offer further room for exploration. Many coffee roasters also offer cafe favorites such as lattes or macchiatos, and many varieties are available in decaffeinated versions.

Keurig K-Cups Are  More than Just Coffee
Coffee isn't for everyone, and these products offer plenty of additional beverage choices. Tea fans can choose classic black tea varieties such as Darjeeling and Earl Grey or relax with a cup of hot green or herbal tea. Like coffee products, many teas come in both regular and decaffeinated varieties. There are also pods designed specifically to brew iced tea or make lemonade. Anyone can enjoy these refreshing beverages quickly and easily on a hot summer day. When the days grow shorter, hot chocolate pods are a kid-friendly drink that warms up any winter evening.

Keurig K-Cups Offer  Outstanding Beverage Quality
Dedicated coffee roasting and beverage companies go to exceptional lengths to ensure each pod they deliver creates a high-quality, flavorful drink. They work directly with tea and coffee growers from around the world to acquire the finest ingredients and apply rigorous quality-control standards to every step of the production process. The result is a pod that produces a consistent, delicious beverage every time.

Eco-Friendly Keurig K-Cups  
Some manufacturers offer recyclable beverage pods, which reduce home and office waste. These products are made from polypropylene, a material that's accepted by most recyclers. Once recycled, it's used to make everything from playground equipment to storage bins.

Beverage pods offer an easy way to enjoy a drink at any time. They include many different flavors of tea, coffee and other beverages. Enjoy your favorite relaxing drink in under a minute when you buy K-Cups at Staples.

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