Keep accurate financial records with these printing calculators that print your calculations as you go. Whether you're adding up your company's total transactions for the day or doing your taxes, these calculators help ensure accuracy. Choose from trusted brands such as Canon and Casio.

Convenient Functions
These printing calculators feature advanced and basic functions that enable you to handle a variety of accounting tasks. Entry-level models with addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication functions are compact and cost-effective options for everyday accounting tasks. If you are tackling more advanced financial records, choose a calculator that comes with functions for profit graphs, averages, and pairing. Many commercial models come with rounding functions that make estimations effortless and help you save time.

High-Speed Printing
During tax season or for quick transactions, high-speed printing calculators are an efficient way of reducing the amount of time it takes to compute accurate figures. Choose models that work at speeds of four lines per second or faster to streamline your accounting practices.

Easy Record-Keeping
Printing calculators release a steady stream of tape as you enter calculations, so you can spot errors before they become a part of your records. When you're finished with a specific set, the tape tears off easily for convenient storage in a file. Most models use standard POS paper, so you can replace the rolls quickly and get back to work.

Long-Lasting Records
Many printing calculators use a thermal-transfer method to create long-lasting tapes for archival storage or short-term filing. Each model produces crisp edges, saturated colors, and high-contrast prints that are easy to read. Choose a calculator with two-color printing to make it easier to distinguish crucial figures.

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