Shredders offer effective data protection by allowing you to eliminate unnecessary hard copies. Quickly and easily eliminate sensitive printouts with systems that use high-powered cutting blades in strip or crosscut configurations. Modern shredders can remove staples and clips for easy recycling.

Protect Sensitive Data
Shredders quickly eliminate sensitive information by allowing you to render printed pages illegible in moments. This can help keep important financial details or related business documentation from falling into the wrong hands. Many industry and government regulations require shredding for compliance with data protection laws or statutes.

Quick Operation
Advanced shredders can handle document destruction at rates of 8 feet per minute or greater. This fast operation can save you labor costs associated with shredding and help increase overall efficiency. For even quicker operation, check out auto-feed mechanisms, standalone bags, and other shredder accessories.

Jam-Proof Designs
Many shredders on the market today feature jam-proof designs that can easily cut through staples or paper clips without the cutting mechanism stopping. This reduces downtime by ensuring that your shredder is constantly running when you need it, and the jam-proof design also makes quick work of bunched or crumpled paper. Many jam-proof systems allow easy access to trays that store clipped staples and other metal materials for easy recycling.

Safe Operation
Modern shredders offer a bevy of features that make them much safer to operate than their earlier counterparts. A touch-sensitive operation shuts down cutting mechanisms when it detects fingers too close to shredder feed areas, helping to keep hands safe. Many systems also include auto-shutoff mechanisms that identify when someone is attempting to pull a piece of loose clothing or other snagged item from the machine.

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