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Processing credit cards can be time consuming and costly, with frustrating rate systems and hidden fees. That’s why Staples Merchant Services, powered by EVO, takes the time to understand your business and create a custom payment solution to allow easy and reliable payments that fit your needs.

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  • A program that prepares your business for the future of credit card processing, including EMV-ready and PCI-compliant solutions

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What is a merchant account

A merchant account from Staples Merchant Services enables your business to accept payment cards for the purchase of goods and services that you sell.

What type of payment cards can I accept with a Staples Merchant Services Account?

You can accept the most common payment cards issued around the world including Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. American Express is subject to approval by American Express Corp. Staples Merchant Services can also allow payment acceptance for purchases made through services such as Google Wallet and Isis.

Is my credit checked when I apply for a merchant services account with Staples Merchant Services?

Yes. We review your credit to determine the risk associated with sponsoring your transactions into the card association networks. Because we provide funds for your processed transactions, we must ensure that you are able to cover any transactions that are disputed by a cardholder.

When will proceeds from my sales transactions be credited to my bank?

Funding for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Network transactions will be credited to your business checking account the next business day after you have transmitted your batch (or closed out your sales for the day) successfully. For American Express, the typical time for funding is 3-5 business days, which is controlled by American Express.

What is the best equipment and service package for my business? provides a number of resources for general information. However, because each business is unique and therefore has unique payment needs, we suggest that if you are unsure, that you call one of our payment specialists for a free analysis at 888.759.3426