Easily accept and process all major forms of payment in person.

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Are you processing payments in person? If so, Staples Merchant Services has solutions that fit your needs no matter what product you are using. We customize packages to work with integrated POS solutions, mobile POS devices as well as wired and wireless credit card terminals. We’ll find the right processing solution for your business and provide low rates, tools that help to grow your business and world-class customer service.

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Choose from a wide variety of wired and wireless terminals

Wired Terminals

Accept all forms of payment safely and securely with the latest in payment technology.

Featured: Ingenico color iCT250, SKU 1199832.

Wireless Terminals

Take payments on the go, at your business or at a customer’s location with this wireless, stand-alone payment device.

Featured: Ingenico iWL255, SKU 1199831.

Customized in-person payment solutions perfect for:

  • In your storefront during the point of sale
  • At the customer location for home visits, remote service or upon delivery
  • During meetings or consultations to avoid future billing or invoicing
  • Any time you see your customer during the point of sale

Funding within 24-48 hours, simple and easy!
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I have purchased a terminal or other payment device from a Staples store or Staples.com, how do I setup service and claim my rebate?

To setup payment services with Staples Merchant Services and claim a rebate offered for the purchase of your equipment, please call the toll free number listed on the rebate offer and a payment specialist will help to guide you through our easy sign up process. If you are having trouble, please call 888.759.3426 and someone will assist you to ensure your account is up and running and that all rebates are applied.

What is the best equipment and service package for my business?

Staples.com/merchant services provides a number of resources for general information. However, because each business is unique and therefore has unique payment needs, we suggest that if you are unsure, that you call one of our payment specialists for a free analysis at 888.759.3426

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